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The secret formula to success!

Everyone is looking for financial success. Looking for escape in debts and in financial difficulties are the goals to achieve.

Sometimes, finding concrete solution will make us overlook the simple answer to our questions or seeing it as a simple things will make us ignore it.

The best solution to as simple as “right attitude towards money”.

One of the Success Formula is

Income – Savings = Expenses

Following this simple formula will give you the sense of confidence that even if you will spend all the money left in your pocket, you know that you’ve already saved for your future.

You may do the savings using the automated transfer so you won’t be having a second thought on saving. It’s either to a different account or other bank with progressive percentage.

Consistent doing this simple formula will give you a simple discipline that will lead to another habit which is investing what you have saved.

I’ll challenge you to take this as a 1-year saving challenge and look what will happened next.

Share this and share your learnings after the challenge. 🙂