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Choosing to be happy

There are so many kids nowadays that are victims of bullying, maybe one of them is YOU!

What you’ve heard from others impacted your whole life.

Even if there are just an opinion of other people or maybe your own opinion, the victim completely believes it. Accepts it. Feeling hurt. Feeling alone and sad.

People who are so bully tend to say

You are ugly.”

“You are so skinny.”

“You are so fat”

“You don’t have boobs or butts”

“You don’t have shape”

“You are so poor”

“You can’t make it”

And so many things you can hear that might hurt emotionally.

The truth behind those words are lies.

Don’t accept it immediately.

You are in control if you will believe them or prove them wrong. You’ll never know that they are just doing that because you are unique person. The one with potentials even if you won’t flaunt everything.

Just choose to be happy and contented. Show to them that you are more than about face, curves and being normal one.

Show them your uniqueness, your gifts or talents and your natural beauty.

Be brave my friend! You are more than what you think you are.

Just focus on your talent and skills. Maybe it is about art, music, literature, science, business or whatever it is, you just have to improve it.

Then you will make your own name holding those skills. Be brave and patience.

Choose to be happy all the time! Open your eyes to see the big beautiful picture of yourself.

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