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Can your handwriting predicts your future?

How bad your handwriting strokes are?

Are they nice? Perfect calligraphy? Looks like typewritten? Basic stokes? Or worst that it seems like chicken scratches?

Some people say they can predict your future through your handwriting or describe your attitude.

But sometimes, your strokes are simply just strokes which can be improved or not.

What really matter is “what do you write?”

You can have a perfect handwriting which is so nice and neat but you are writing bad things to others. (This is just an example and not in general.)

You can have worst hand strokes but your content in writing is so powerful to make a life changing impact to those who read it.

Always remember, it’s not how you wrote it, it is how you make a difference.

Keep writing good. Keep doing things that will have a good impact to people’s lives.