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You can earn during COVID-19 crisis

When COVID-19 strikes our country – Philippines, I started to worry.

“How can I run my business during this crisis?”

“How can I serve my customers?”

“Am I still able to make a sale during this time?”

“I am now work from home, how can I do my business outside?”

All those worries are gone.

My answer is YES during COVID-19 we can earn.

This is the best the best time to do it online.

I would like to thank our owners – Direk RS Francisco and Sir Sam Verzosa for making our business on the internet. They are doing everything to make our business become greater than what Frontrow is today.

Bill gates once said “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”

Thank you Frontrow for your free website once you are part of it. You don’t need to pay for ecommerce website.

Here is my whitelabel of my store, if you want to see it. Click Here.

Using that store I made a sales of our products even I am working at home.


6 Luxxe Protect
1 Luxxe White
14 Celebrity Soap

Thats a total of Php6,170 while at home. Isn’t great? Earn while at home.

I would like to thank also to my business partner so assisted me on the delivery during quarantine. (She doesn’t want to be mentioned because she is shy)

My greatest take away with this, I can earn because of continuously improvements made by the owners so we can be achieved more and most especially, we have supportive teams who are willing and happy to help you.

Earn from home

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