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Your attitude on Money

Money is not the root of evil, it’s the “Love of money”.

Just want to share these 10 Commandments of Money which you can use as guide on how to deal with money.

The 10 Commandments of Money

By: Daniel Ally

1. Always know your accounts. Check bank balances daily.

2. Invest 10% of what you want to earn: Invest $10k if you want $100k!

3. Don’t take the money if it disturbs your inner peace.

4. Pay bills, taxes, & fees willingly. Never grudgingly.

5. Grow your cash and build your credit.

6. Don’t take the ‘deal’ unless you really want it.

7. If you do more than you’re paid to do, you’ll get paid more than you do.

8. Give because you want to, not because you have to. Never give out of guilt or shame.

9. Talk with your spouse about money and keep joint accounts.

10. Money is used for good. If used wrongly, it will be taken away.

Do you agree on these? Share your thoughts, Please. Thank you