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Whatever happens to your life is a matter of choice. Choice to make with care.

Your choice depends on your purpose. Whatever you want in life or what makes you do things? Does it involve financial issues, emotional concerns, health issues, personality or career growth? Those are some of the factors that are considered when making a choice. 

Some had a bad choice in their life because they are considering only present satisfaction. Maybe, you accept immediately a high paying job to cover your bills or you decide to get married even in your young age because of circumstances. Some are satisfied and contented at first until the time comes when they find themselves unhappy and unfulfilled with their choice. They will start to question their current status, find somebody to blame, find another job, want to have a divorce and making so many complains in life. So your ability to make a better choice is responsible for everything that’s why you have to be very careful.

But if you’ve made a decision, always be responsible about. Don’t escape or quit on it, stand and be responsible.