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Are you having a problem on saving? Is it difficult for you to manage your money?

Having troubles on credit card debts?

Well, You are not alone.

There are so many people out there who are seeking for solutions on their financial problem.

I am one of those people who struggles a lot on managing my finances and hoping for answers.

Since i know what it feels to be in that situation, i want to share this simple solution and you heard it right -It is a SIMPLE solution.

We are familiar in this formula:

This is what i am practicing for a long time and guess what? i have no savings at all.

I know that some of you is using this one so better evaluate again.  

The formula says our expenses is our priority so if we think that there is something to buy then your savings will be compromised.

When the time comes that you have to check your savings, then you will ask yourself “where did my money goes?”.

If you’ve experienced that then read this article further so you will know how to break this scenario.

I’ve said that this is a simple solution but it helps a lot to me. Applying this is a blessing to be, i already have different type of savings and investments. So i what you to know it as a sign of my help. This is the 10-20-70 Solution:

This is in order form that 10% of your income should be return to the Lord as a sign of thanks giving.

This is hard to practice at first but later on you will love to do it.

It maybe in a form of tithes or charity. Believe me, everytime i gave back to the

Lord, my blessings is overflowing.

Second, 20% of your income is put in your savings. Set aside your savings or invest it in a source of income.

You may request for an auto-transfer from your payroll account to your saving account so you can’t see and use it for unnecessary items.

This is to make sure that you don’t have easy access on your savings and 70% left is what you only have to budget for your daily expenses or additional investment.

It may look so ordinary but i’ll tell that it will give bigger impact in your pocket.

Try this and make it your hobby for 6 months then i’ll encourage you to share your story here.

There will be no loss on trying but greater gain if you will succeed.

If you find this article useful to you, follow me here in this site or via email for more information. Thank you and Have a great day!