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Stages to Success.

Stages that you have to be aware and ready when developing your success.

🚝 When your status in life is the same as many and started to think big, some people are telling you “that’s impossible”, “stop it”, “you’re crazy” which are normal because the mindset that you are about to entertain is not the same with their mindset. 

All you have to do is listen to the possibility, look for those people with the same mindset, believe in yourself or if you don’t believe in yourself, do believe in the one who created you and gave you the skills and dreams.

✈️ ✈️When you are taking off your plane for getting your success, some people are laughing at you, or mocking you. Those are also very normal. Because you are doing something that they maybe dreamed of the same but failed or quitted. Those people sometimes practicing crab mentality, they are discouraging you because they are afraid that maybe you can make it.

So better don’t mind those negative comments, listen to encouraging and supporting friends. Even if it takes time to take off your plane, don’t stop because it is all worth it.

πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ When you are already on top, some people are not happy. They will say “you don’t deserve that”, they are having those wish “babagsak ka rin” or having the feeling of not seeing you because of what they’ve said before.

Just don’t mind them. With your success, remain humble. Keeping you on top takes right attitude.