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You have seen your Future

Learn from your past, live in your present and create your future.
The first person who have seen what will happen to your future is YOU. Ask me…how? Well, Do you remember the time that you are dreaming of the things you want to do, what you want to have or what you what to become? Think about those moments you are doing fantasy in your mind. That very moment you are seeing your future. But ofcourse, you can say to me that “those are just a dreams” but i will tell you “its in you to make it your reality”.

Dreaming is like creating your blueprint of your house so it will stand and last. In your dream, you are already choosing your future lifestyle, status and personality. It is all in the power of your mind.

I can give you example how powerful the mind is, do you remember that years ago we don’t have the gadgets we have right now? Then think of this, how those gadgets are present now? Well, because somebody invent it, somebody dream of it.. Somebody think that it will be possible. 

Always remember, that be careful of what you think, what you dream for because it can be your reality. And don’t just dream.. Work for it. Don’t just wish, make action about it. 🙂