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Dreaming is essential to achieve what you want

“Dream bigger than what you can see, then you will have bigger things than what you already have” – Aileen T.

The only FREE in this world is “to have a Dream”. The dream that nobody can limit your imaginations.

I remember when I was a little girl, one of my dream is having a house. I am trying to design it with a child handwriting strokes using my pencil in piece of paper. Always, Imagining what it looks like when I am living there. Those imaginations remained in my mind and heart until it became a reality. I am now having a house and about to design it this year.

My short story is an example that before I get what I want is — I’ve dreamt of it. Same with what you want, you have to dream about your dream house, appliances. vacations, awards, career goals, investments and more.

I believe that when you think of it constantly, your subconscious mind is dictating your action to go closer to your dreams. Even if it is a short goals or a long-term goals in life, Dreaming is essential.

Dreaming + Actions = Goal Achieved

Do you know the power of Law of Attraction? The universe will responses to your thoughts. When you are thinking about certain things, in the right timing, you will get the same thing you are thinking or maybe even better.

Years ago, I am practicing to Dream bigger than ever so I made a list which what they called Dreamboard, those are images of your dream in one illustration board. Every morning I am looking at it and stating to myself “I will get you”. It seems crazy but it really works, I already have the 90% in my list. Yes, almost got them all. At first, this is kind of training your mind is difficult but once you see the results, you will love it.

The level of difficulties in Dreaming Big depends on your environment. Just like me, we are in the middle class in the society and dreaming so big which sometimes make other people laughed at you. But don’t mind them, focus on what you want in life. After all, you are the person to make your dream become reality.

The only limit to your dream is your imagination.

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