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Branding yourself.

This morning, my coach and I discussed about “branding yourself” over a cup of coffee and a piece of donut.

At first I don’t know what to consult about branding myself but then I remember the moment when my introvert personality takeover my decisions and also my actions.

My question is how to brand yourself even if you are an introvert person?

We had a great time to discuss this topic but i’ll share with you the simple idea that strikes me.

Branding yourself is actually a trademark of yourself to other people.

How people will think of you because what you do or how you react on a certain task, argument or event. If you are in a bad circumstances just learn to set aside your emotional feeling about it and remain focus on your goal. At work, deal to handle mistreatment or misunderstanding while in Life, learn to deal with all the problems.

Don’t forget who you are in every situations, if you are nice then don’t be rude because somebody treats you badly or if you are happy then don’t let other people’s mode to take away the smile in your face.

You can’t control other people, just influence them. Remember that you are branding yourself to others, be an influencer. If you have a brighter mindset or idea then share it in a nice way and a right timing.

Those words are easy to read but hard to do but my coach says “it’s hard but those are skills at can be practice and become a hobby”. And upon hearing it, i just want be a better person than today.

PS: If you think other people need to read this, kindly share this. 🙂 Feel Free to comment, suggest or share your thoughts.

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