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Slow is Fast, Fast is Slow

Just want to share what i’ve learned in my first day of driving lesson that can be apply in our daily life.

When you are in driver’s seat, you must know the basic things to do.

  1. Check. Always check if the door is locked for your own safety
  2. Comfort. Adjust your seat until you are comfortable reaching the clutch, gas and break.
  3. Listen and feel. Giving attention to the engine until you’ll reached the working level or starting point of your car.
  4. Do not rush. You will learn fast if you will do it slowly.

Driving a car is like driving your own life. You also need to know basic things to live a health, safe and wealthy life.

  1. Check for Safety and security. You only have one life to leave so always check your words, thoughts and actions. Check also your health and financial status so you will prevent serious physical and emotional illness in the future.
  2. Look for comfort. Just like finding comfort in the drivers seat same as how to live a simple and secured life. Simple means no hassle. You are not worried about paying bills. You already have basic necessities in life (house, car, food, love, clothes).
  3. Pay attention to your current status. Same as listening to the engine, pay attention on your source of income or way of living. Other people say that “live today as if it is your last day” but don’t be overwhelm, live your life with care for tomorrow. Enjoy your day while investing for tomorrow. Investment is maybe in your financial, physical, emotional and spiritual.
  4. Do not rush. In life, slow is fast and fast is slow. Getting your success in everything will require time. Don’t stress yourself because things are not according to your plan.

Always remember, you are the driver of your life. Learn from it slowly and live it without rush. Enjoy it and keep it secure.

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