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Avoid being haunted by your own thoughts

Thinking and afraid of things that still not exist? Paranoid? Worried? If yes, then you are haunted by your own thoughts.

Always be careful of the things you accept in your mind because if you put garbage in then what will come out is also a garbage. Likewise, bad or negative mindset will have a negative impact in your life.

Here are some tips to avoid being haunted:

  1. Listen. Hearing is through our ears while listening is through our mind. Not everything you’ve heard are true, there are some that will mislead you, stress you and will make you mad or sad but to avoid such things, better to listen and not just to hear. We are capable of choosing what we want to hear, so filter only those positive thoughts which will have wonderful effect in you day.
  2. Keep yourself busy. Divert your thought into good activities such as exercise, play a game, play your favorite instruments, cooking, take a ride and named your activities. If you are not confident in your thoughts when you are alone, better to keep yourself busy to avoid entertaining bad thoughts. Do things you love and want. Cheer yourself up.
  3. Talk to someone. If you can handle the loud and dark voice in your mind, remember to Breathe in and Breathe out. Then look for someone to talk too whether it is your family, friends or even stranger but just make sure that those will lift you up and encourage you.
  4. Think Less. Overthinking is an art of believing what are not yet existing. Better not to think too much, this will not help you to calm and have a peace of mind.
  5. Jot down. Remind yourself to be calm whenever there are uncertain events in your life by writing a short words in a piece of paper. Put it in your pocket for easy access.
  6. Avoid alcohol. Drinking will not help you. This will just make you forget problems but it will not solve anything.
  7. Choose to be HAPPY. Whatever happens, just choose to be happy.

Worrying is such a waste of time because it will just make you paralyze. Bad and Good things will happen in our life. We just have to keep living and moving and not be stressed over what we can’t control. Do not be a victim of your thoughts. Make yourself. Save yourself.

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