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3 Things to know before investing

I will share some thoughts you should know before investing and how to invest your blessings.

  • Know your total expected income/blessings.

You can plan your spending if you know how much you are expecting to received. This is limit you to expand to much than that you will received.

  • Plan your spending

You may use 10-20-70 Rules on Spending which is

10% to give thanks to the Lord by giving tithe or giving back to the community.

20% to your savings short term and long term investment

70% to all your personal expenditures.

You can change the percentage if you want.

  • Know your Investment

Always do your homework before investing.

Know the company, investment scheme, and your investing purposes whether for longterm or shortterm.

Stock, Bonds, Education,Accident and life Insurance, Business, House or for retirement

Among those investment, Don’t forget the most important investment of all – YOU.

Even if you have enough savings and investments but you neglect yourself then it’s useless.

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