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How to be fit during rainy days?

We are are more susceptible to the harmful effects of rainy season. The chances of having water-borne diseases (like cold, flu, diarrhea, viral fever and other infections) are very high during the rainy season because infectious bacteria and germs are spread faster than during summer days.
Here’s some precautions and tips to fight against infections during rainy days.
1. Avoid getting wet in the rain: Rainwater, (especially here in Manila) is not good for health as it can cause cold and viral infection. So bring always your umbrella or raincoat.
2. Avoid dirty and Wet Clothes: Bring extra clothes or t-shirts because wearing wet and dirty clothes help in increasing the growth of germs/bacteria. And its like You are inviting virus to enter in your body.
3. Don’t touch your face with dirty hands: Do not touch your face with dirty hands because there are chances for flu, virus and germs to enter your body through nose, eyes, and mouth. Always wash your hand or bring alcohol/disinfectant if you can’t resist the urge of scratching or touching your face.
4. Eat Healthy and Balanced Diet: Even if By having a healthy diet your body will be nourished with proteins, vitamins that make the body strong to fight against infections. During rainy season you should eat green vegetables, fruits, and cereals. If you think you can’t eat those healthy foods, try to take vitamins or supplements that will boost your immunity.
5. Avoid eating food street vendor: Streets are prepared in open air and expose to raindrops that increase the chances of germs to enter the food prepared by road vendors. Avoid it is avoiding stomach related infections.
6. Exercise during rainy days. Since your outdoor activities are lessen. This is the best time to exercise and to achieve your desired shape and weight. 
Following those simple tips may help you to enjoy your rainy days without having infected by water-borne diseases. Again, Always STAY DRY. EAT WELL. LIVE LIFE.

Quote for the Week:
“The best six doctors anywhere and no one can deny it are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.” – Wayne Fields
Wellness Trivia

Which finger has the fastest growing nail? 

A. Pinky

B. Pointer

C. Middle

D. Ring

E. Thumb

Answer: Middle finger. Don’t ask us why, because we have no idea. And in case you’re wondering,  the slowest growing nail is the thumb.

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