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Set your vision and knowing your purpose

Have you heard people asking, “Why I am here?”, “What’s the purpose of waking up?”, “I live for what?” Or the likes.

Some people are having a hard time to figure it out. They will spend long time to find their purpose or maybe they can’t find at all.  If you are one of those who are still asking, I just want to share some simple reasons that you may adopt for the meantime until you’ve seen your own purpose or set your vision. 

  1. Wake up for your love ones

Just make your love one happy everyday. Your love ones may either your immediate family, friends, crush, shoolmates/officemates, flatmates, or even your pets. 

  1. Wake up for doing good things.

Doing good things can make you happy. Maybe this will not give you material rewards but can be worth doing for a lifetime when you saw that someone is happy because of you.

  1. Wake up to explore

Go to every part of the world. See all beautiful places, experience extreme adventures, climb mountains, swim/dive/surf beaches. 

These are only simple purpose in life but not limited to those. You may find your deepest why in life as you go along. Don’t give up on finding your own purpose or goal because Life is so amazing to live it in the fullest. 

Share this if you find it helpful. Comment if you have questions. 

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