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Be responsible to be successful 

I just want to share this simple topic which I wrote for our weekly morning ceremony at work. Just made some revisions to fit in our site. 🙂

This is what i think as your guide to be successful person.  Just remember 4Ws in life.

1st. WHAT. (Ask yourself. What?) What characteristics do i need to possess for me to be a successful person?

You have to be disciplined and responsible. Be a good example to others like throwing your rabbish in the proper places, using pedestrian lanes, being careful in what we say to others or what we post in our social media accounts. 

At the end of the day, you need to evaluate yourself ‘What is the positive impact of what i did today?’

2nd. When. (Ask yourself, When?) when do we need to do or share those characteristics? The answer is whenever you have the opportunity to do it. Meaning, EVERYTIME.

So if you think that you’ve fail to do it, ask yourself ‘when is my next opportunity to do the right thing?’

3rd. Where. (Ask yourself, Where?) Where do i need to be responsible? EVERYWHERE. This is not just about places, it is about you as a role model for the next generation so whether you are at home, school, office or public places you have to remember the What and When. 

4th W. Why. (ask yourself, Why?) Why we need to be responsible?

Because as what i have said, it is all about ‘You’. If you want change in you life or in our country, it all starts with you. You will make a difference in life and in our country. So at the end of the day, when you think of “Why this is happening? Or why I don’t have it” remember the other Ws. What are the things you did to make that result and what do you want to change so will get different results, when do you need to do it and where do i need to do it? With this pattern you will have clear vision in mind that will help to achieve your goals. Remember 4Ws, What. When. Where. Why.
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    1. Thank you 🙂

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