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I’m so Bessed!!!

That feeling when you’ve received a blessing from someone you didn’t know. Wow… !!! honestly, I am stocked on my feet that I wasn’t able to say thank you to that person. 

Do you want to know what is that blessing? Well, it is a Free Bus Fare..Someone pays for my fare..  Funny, right? Maybe you are laughing right now or thinking that “Are you crazy? Why do you think that you are so blessed for receiving a free bus fare?”. Its okay if that’s what you think. I actually take a glance to my clothes wondering if i look like i don’t have money but its not. So I can say that I’m blessed that among all the people in the bus I am the chosen one to receive that Free Fare. 

Blessing is not measureable by the value of what you’ve received, it is the thought that you receive something even you are not asking for it. Some people can’t see that they are blessed because of focusing with the value or monetary aspect. People tend to categorize of being blessed by how much they’ve received. Those people have no contentment, not satisfied, not happy, always looking for something or can’t appreciate things. So if want to be happy, open your eyes to all the blessings not with its value but how many times you received a blessings. Count now, what are your blessings today? From the smallest one to the biggest today. 
Share your blessings by telling to others.. 🙂

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