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Are you going to give up?

As promised, i will post some learnings from our Team building. All i can say that “Slow is Fast” is correct.

 I am writing this just to share with you my learnings in our activities which is the main purpose is to build a one team. 

Photo taken by AIileentan

We are divided into four (4) teams (red, yellow, green and blue) and our main program is composed of 5 activities

  1. Untangle the Rope – It measures our strategy to untangle all the knots assigned in every member without removing the left hand in the rope. Well for this game our team (Red) is the last one to finish the activity. That feeling of seeing the other teams who are waiting for us to finish it is so tempting to give up this activity but we’ve continued and finish it. 

  2. Anaconda Race- Measures how we work together to finish the race. Seems like riding a bus which is not every member starts in the same terminal but with the same destination. We have to work with the team to finish the race. And we are in 3rd place here. 

  3. Ball game – Our coordination is being tested in this activity. Hit the ball as many as we can without double tap and falling into the ground or else your score will back to zero. We are having a hard time to get the right way to do it, the ball is kept on falling the ground. But we keep on trying until we have already get the technique. We are so happy to get a score of 130points and thought we’ve already got the first place but we were wrong, we are in the 2nd place. This time we said, we can do this.. we can do this!

  4. Crossing the river – how we are concern with others, lift everyone (no crab mentality) to achieve one goal. We have to crossed the river with limited resources, we have to be creative and solving the problem on how to do it.. After thinking about strategies, we are crossing the river one at a time, slowly and surely. We are so happy because we did it and the best part is we are first to finish this activity.

  5. Unity Game – we are united as one team, no red/blue/green/yellow team. In corporate world, even if we are in different department we need to play as one with the other departments. In business, different industries but when we coordinate we can do great things. So fulfilling to finish together the task given.

Sometimes, our life is like our game play.. Are you going to give up already if you are the last one in your class or in your field? Please, don’t! Maybe, You are the last one in your school, career or any field but always remember to do your best, do more and work with others. Surely, You still can reach the top.. No matter how slow you do it, what matters is you will continue and finish the fight. Stand up and go for it! Life must go on! 

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  1. great post, live on.

    1. Thank you! 🙂

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