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Your current status doesn’t define your value.

What is your status today? Wherever you are right now, your current status may not be the same status in the future. I’ll tell you that you can create your future regardless of your past and current position in life. Yes! you’ve heard me right. You can create your future, you can workout on your value. Yes, you can!

There are so many personalities who become successful in life even if they are not successful in the past. Some of them are Richard Branson and Henry Sy. Richard Branson who is not successful in his academics but last year (2015) he is worth $4.9 Billion according to Forbes, another is Henry Sy is the No.1 riches man in the Philippines who owns SM Malls and other companies today, he is from rags to riches and more successful stories. Like them, you can also do it, we can do it!

Your status now either you are like the expensive pen or ordinary pen, you may end up the same value in the future. How? For example, these pens are use to write great novel, articles or business plans, both of them may create the same value. But it may be the other way around, so it means your status today doesn’t matter as long as you are doing something to do great things today to create and build a better future. Just keep on doing and building your dreams because what you sow today, you will reap tomorrow.

Have a big dreams and do simple steps today! 
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