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Stop, Look and Listen

What to do if you feel lost?

I just want to share a series of The Feast, one of the happiest place on earth, founded by Bro Bo Sanchez.

Stop, Look and Listen.

We will feel at peace when we surrender ourselves to God and trust him. If we do, we will have peaceful sleep and real rest, or what we calls “inner peace.

Bro. Bo emphasize that scripture readings do not just tell us to rest but also to work hard. Both rest and hard work are integral to our human life. He says that we should have the rhythm of work and trust, as we rest.

He says that many people goal-oriented but easily lose their way in the hustle and bustle of life. They get confused not knowing their real destination or life purpose. What do we need to do if we feel like we have lost our direction:

  • STOP. We need to stop to “sharpen our ax” from the story of the two loggers.   We have to stop working to restore our strength, to take care of ourselves, clear our minds, or else, our productivity will suffer. We should always be reminded of our purpose and check how far we are from our destination.
  • LOOK. We need to look where we are and where we are going. Some people are clear with their vision, with their goals but don’t know where they are at the moment. This is the time to reflect to face the reality of our progress.
  • LISTEN. Our world is noisy, even our hearts and minds. The only way to hear the voice of God is to create space and time in our hearts.

Let us surrender our problems to God whether big or small. The size of our problem doesn’t matter but how long we carry it and worry about it. “Do not worry about anything, pray about everything.” Place your problem in our God’s big hands.

Just remember, when your mind is confused, all you have to do is to Stop, Look and Listen and everything will be clear.

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