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Your opportunity to be like Jesus.. (About Pacman issue)

Since trending ang topic ni Pacman, i think worth it to share my thoughts…

Actually, i haven’t seen post from LGBT na they hate Pacman dahil against siya sa same sex MARRIAGE but they are angry dahil sa example ni Pacman. What i saw are post from people stating verses, questioning LGBT’s reactions and anything saying there is no wrong with Manny’s statement.

In my opinion, there is no wrong with his statement in the sense that same sex marriage is against the law of God. That is absolute and I am also agree with that. On the other hand, may mali parin sa part na he states that “mas masahol pa sa hayop”. Since LGBT are capable of doing this act thats why they are hurt na ma-compare sa hayop and what more pa ung mga married na? Remember, Humans are created in the image and likeness of God so be careful on your examples.

Be careful of your words. To those who are sharing verses, i think a people knows it already na kasalanan ung nagawa nila and because they know na may kasalanan sila, some people are become part of “unchurch”. Naranasan mo na ba na may nagawa kang kasalanan and nahihiya ka na pumunta sa church? I think lahat tayo na try un.. those people na nahiya na totally become unchurch.. So Christians, this is your opportunity to be like Jesus. Don’t just share verses kasi instead na mapalit pa ung mga tao kay GOD, possible ma-convert nyo sila into unchurch. Remember John 8:3-11 when pharisees brought a woman who is caught in the act of adultery, Jesus says “the person without sin is the first one to throw a stone”. Nowadays, that stone is in the form of words. If there are sinners, don’t throw verses and say they are sinners, lahat naman tayo sinners. All we need to do is live the word and show the Jesus in you.

Use your past to heal people. If Pacman uses his past as example, nagkasala sya before but now he is a changed man maybe more people will ask for his help on how to change and turn away from sins. Mas marami pa siguro natouch. Remember the time that Jesus seats with the sinners and said healthy people don’t need a healer, sick people do. Even he is sharing the truth, hope he remain to be like Jesus because his goal is to lead more people closer to God.

By the way, don’t make this your basis to decide na iboto or not.. Even if a person is saying the truth of what bible says, it’s not enough to vote. Please evaluate the quality and requirements as a senator. Even if you have the same faith or not, don’t make it as your basis.

Magulo na yata ung pagconstruct ko ng thoughts, but hope may sense. 🙂 feel free to comment below.

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