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Since tonight is raining, i want to write about rain.

Have you heard about the story of Faith?

There is a place that all the villagers are waiting for so many months to rain because they already have insufficient supply of water. They kept on praying and praying so that the Lord may hear their prayers. But there is no signs of probability that its going to rain. Everyday, all the villagers are gathering in the field to pray harder until one day their head villager had a vision in his dream. The head villager immediately rush to spread the good news.

He says:
“Today, our rain will come. Be ready and we will rejoice.” He shouted around the village while running.  All the villagers are happy and immediately go to the prayer area.

When they are already in the field, the Head shouted,

“Do you believe that it will rain today?”

“YES!” They’ve answered with tears in their eyes.

This question is repeatedly asked by the head and answered the same by the villagers until the final question,

“If you do believe that it will rain, lift up your umbrella?”

The crowd is filled with silence and only one boy lifted his umbrella.

End of story. This story reminds us about great faith that only one boy believe that it will rain so he bring an umbrella.

But i want to continue the story to make a new thoughts on the story.

After the boy raised his umbrella, raindrops started to fall then it totally rains. The people shouted and giving thanks until they have noticed that its not just an ordinary rain, it is a thurderstorm. Everyone run to their respective houses and some realized that they are not prepared for this ultimate storm.. Only few are prepared to face it.

End of story. Sometimes,  People are praying hard for a certain request about their career, financial status, good health, or even dreams but the question is when the answer to your request comes, are you prepared for it? Or if there are bad things happened in your life, are you ready to deal with it?

You are praying for high paying job, but are you ready to take the responsibility with it?

You are praying for a car, do you already know how to drive?

You are praying for spouse, are you ready to make your own family?

Your love one is going to undergo operation or need to confine in the hospital, are you ready for the bills.?

You are terminated in your work, are you prepared?

Are you prepared for anything that will come your way?


Don’t just live your day as if it is your last day, have fun today but don’t forget to be prepared for the future.

Do something today that will benefit you in the long run. Get ready!


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