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How will you say that you have worked well?

“Do you think it will worked?” I have asked this question so many times in my life.

Everytime I am asking that, I always wanted to hear the answer “yes, its working”.

I think you have asked the same question whether in relationship, business, career, invention or even simple activities in your life.

So today, I am sharing with you these 5 things that I’ve learned from Sir Sebastian of GBPC yesterday.  

These 5 things to remember that will tell you that you have worked well. I have already revised other thoughts depending on what i want to share just scroll down and you will learn so many things.

Five things to do.

  1. Work hard. You can’t do this if you don’t know your “why”. Why you have to work so hard, this is to get what you want, either for yourself or loveones. All of us are very hardworking person because you know you have a goal. You will do your best in enhancing your skills in certain instrument so you can play the song that you want, working so hard in studies just to get the highest grade in school, working hard in your chosen career just to be appreciated and promoted or working so hard just to be successful in your business. Because we know that if we won’t work hard, you can’t get what you wanted.
  2. Work fast. Working hard is not enough nowadays, you also need to work faster than normal. If you are in business, the competition is tough and if you will not do your part you will be left behind. If you want to hit your target production in your job, then do your task as fast as you can so even before the deadline. But don’t get me wrong about just being fast, always remember to be fast while mainting the quality of your work.
  3. Work with urgency. Always think that it is urgent. Treat your client/customer with urgency, they can feel better because you may leave impression that they are your priority. And no body wants to wait, including me i hate waiting in terms of service. If you always think about this, you can finish your work fast.
  4. Work together. Two head is better than one. Remember that you are in a certain team, you have to work with them. This is a sign of humility that you are acknowledging your weakness and you are not perfect, you not others to strengthen your weakness. Accept that other people may have ideas that you dont have, other may have skills that you don’t have. 
  5. Work with Prayers. Always offer a short prayer before your task. We know that we are not perfect, we may commit mistakes or we may not know something but the One above knows everything, He is the Lord of impossible. I have experienced it many times that whenever i prayed i have finished things than my usual capacity. Let your praises up, Let his blessings down so your work will be blessed as well.

While remembering these things them embrace it, you will experience abundance that whatever your whys are, you will achieve it. 🙂

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